When the clouds disperse

When the clouds disperse
even if your curtains are closed
you will know.
the extra light may not seep in
but the songs of birds will
their joyous symphony
to celebrate sun’s warmth
on their wet wings.
Their joy will break the flimsy
barriers of curtains and doors
to fill up your heart
with their ecstasy.

This is a sure way of knowing if the rain has stopped down here in Kolkata, whenever they start singing merrily it means the rain has ceased 🙂


11 thoughts on “When the clouds disperse

  1. What a great way to know it has stopped raining…beautifully penned! My other blog i don’t advertise on Tournesol because I don/t want friends or colleagues to read it…yet 😉 tracesofthesoul.wordpress.com


      1. I too used pseudonyms when I worked, ever since I stopped working for others I stopped using pseudonyms glad, really glad that I have used my own name for most of my works (barring very few in msn’s users archive in 2006-2007).

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