Why twins (Agnishatdal and Agnijaat) not one?

Sheepish apologies from the creator, please accept that first!

When this idea first popped in my mind I was thinking of a monthly ezine with my works, then the idea came why not get works of some of my friends, whose works have taught me the true skills and joys of writing, so I posted some mails, quite confident that wont get any answer, then they started pouring in.

Before I realized my bag was full with beautiful works of my friends… but… what about my muse? who is always jumping with this and that? if I add them together they will make a whopping 200 page magazine.

I know the reading span of today’s readers too well to try something like that, and honestly though it is a world of freebies but I am not much into that, because I believe people should pay some tribute to Goddess of creativity (not me, Goddess Saraswati) 🙂 freebies are easily tossed in bins. So I had to snip the magazine till I decided it was dirt cheap for 1$, and then I realized there was no space for my works in it 😉

So came Agnijaat with my works only, because honestly Musie, my muse is a slave driver and she is always demanding more works… so I will separate the departments and two sisters will have two worlds of their own.

Hope you will like them both!


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