Home for Carrotranch

Home! A simple structure of cement, bricks and some other ingredients… sometimes it is mud instead of cement… but that is not what a home is!

A home is that place which fills your heart up with peace when you open its door. Once you bind your soul with one specific home then that bond never breaks.

Such was her case! She found her ultimate home, time took her away from there, the bridges crashed, snatching away any chances of return but she could not make any other house her home.

Even though some were much trendier than Home.

99 word story for carrrotranch.com πŸ™‚ this week’s theme for flash fiction is “Home”


25 thoughts on “Home for Carrotranch

      1. I must play about 20 games every day. I can only play live speed chess. But it relieves stresses and breaks up the monotony. I have seen your illustrations and the writing that goes along with them. Quite unique and interesting. You have a great talent.
        .. whenever i have a good match or a connection with some opponent from far distances i leave that symbol. Its kind of like my mark. Maybe you had seen it.


      2. there was a time when I played 20 games each day, I am absolutely ignorant with the western style though, somehow I discovered that Indian style game and played it to my fill, stopped only after I lost it 😦

        Could never find it again. As a child I used to play with my elder brother he hated my quick steps and stopped playing when I started to defeat him too frequently πŸ™‚ he said that my quick steps ruin his game ;p

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      3. oh, you don’t know? The Aryans are quite fairer than Dravidians of India, and they did suffered from superiority complex before they met Europeans I guess, about skin colour, even now, Hindus firmly believe they are blessed to be Hindus and so do I πŸ™‚ wont trade my Indian, Hindu, Bengali origin for any thing else… it is fantastic believe me! So… never crack that joke in India πŸ˜‰ not kidding!


      4. Sorry Shar.. race and skin color is not what the media portrays it. Iwas raised by Mexican American Indian. When you get deep into America the people are no different than the regular classes of your hometown. Id bet my soul on it. My family is a variety of cultures. I would not trade mine either.


      5. basically I believe in only one race- human race, only one God and an earth for every being that dwells on it. πŸ™‚ Good to know that you don’t believe in skin colours either πŸ˜‰ (I think it is as stupid as caste system of Hindus, it takes a really really stupid person to actually believe in such things).

        So you are American or first nations? They were amazing culture, I don’t know much about them but lot of their philosophies were amazing.

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      6. down here, it is more because of gender, but I never listened to them anyways, I always played safe but never played by society’s orders. Here we grow up hearing stupid things like women should not do this, should not do that…. men are superior gender (50% women believe that too)! Boy! it is so tough to not argue back! πŸ˜‰


      7. What i meant was.. there is some things people can do and some things they cannot. Was not referring to you personally; just meant in general. I apologize if you were offended. Darn typing can really foil the communication. And no one should be walked all over in their society. I do believe that men are meant and capable of doing certain things women cannot and certainly vice versa. I know the push these days is for equality across all people. But in reality we are not. The true ‘solution’ for lack of better term, is placing people where they can be most effective or at their strongest of ability to contribute. And a real hero or superiority is in recognizing where and when one is inferior and paying respect to the competent ones; in that one should equally receive the same treatment then when they are placed within their means…. for example a coach should not say i just dont have the best team, instead they should place players where they could contribute the best.


      8. no way, I was not offended, if I sounded offended then I am sorry for making you feel bad! men and women are equal in terms of position/place but they are different in their capabilities I guess? I too believe human beings differ from each other and that difference should be respected and that difference makes this world so much more fun! I fully agree with your views. I actually enjoy difference in every thing nature and human society πŸ™‚


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