Want a free copy? give me a critic :)

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The twins are looking for some writers who will read and share their opinion on the magazines, it will be amazing if they do it on their own blog or they can share it here in the reader’s page, whichever they deem better for themselves.

If you ACTUALLY want to read and share your views write me a mail, I will send you a pdf file, but if you do I will earnestly hope that you will keep your unwritten promise and write a critic (actual) within a fortnight and post it.

my email ids are sermistabasu@gmail.com and sharmishthabasu@hotmail.com (do send your email to both ids please!) and leave a comment here too (in the page, not the post) expressing your intentions and email id if it is ok.

In case you want to advertise in any of the magazines-


If you want to advertise in any of the ezines in pdf format, send your advertisement as a word document, including the image(s) you want to display and everything else.

The rate is 50 Rupee per page for one month. There wont be any half page at present.



4 thoughts on “Want a free copy? give me a critic :)

  1. ~Here is what I see in the ezine you have created~enjoy in my points of interest as well~

    points of interest

    ~the art work is a very nice creation of your talent
    ~you have fine articles of wonderful short stories
    ~seems that when reading this one gets a knowledge base about India through your eyes
    ~some expose on political issues but put in a format of nice opinion
    ~refreshing short stories about nature
    ~photography with great titles
    ~some good advise
    ~noting that to me it seems there was no editing as the format was sharp and concise as to say professionally done
    ~some of the stories you can really feel by placing yourself inside that scenario in that story
    ~interesting poetry and art work that is with it
    ~nice recognition of all that supported you but kudos go to you for making this a wonderful write
    ~very nicely formatted and centered as tho it seems more as in being of an ebook but the difference shows that it is a ezine~but wonderfully done in its publishing
    ~great tributes as well~

    ~bless you always my Precious Flower~
    ~soulbro*~ 😀


    1. Love you so very much! I am really happy that you liked the ezine, that is the greatest joy to a creator I believe, that someone enjoyed the work so much! hope next issues will make you happier. You are an angel!



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