Thursday Articles 28.7.16

These articles are reposts from my other blog, there these were posted under the title of Thursday scribblings, the topic was problems of India- nicknamed Indian plagues.

2nd Indian Plague- Let’s just worship the flag P2

Respect it but first respect the country.

Every person should respect his country, after all, every country has its phases of darkness and light, it will require a very dumb person to say that his or her country is without that. All of it was, is dark or light. But as we or our ancestors are responsible for the good, bad we should never give up on our own country and in place of hating it we should try to hate the bad things in it and try to change it.

No one is perfect, but most of us are quite respectable, but if we let our bad things grow and just sing songs of our own virtues sooner or later those bad things will choke whatever trace of virtue we have, we have to be happy about our virtues and mend our bad traits, the same thing is about everything else, country, religion, world, humanity…We should rejoice the good in us but should always try to improve. Not only get fixated on the lamp while its oil runs out, it dies and darkness gathers all around us.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Articles 28.7.16

  1. I agree, which is why I respect Palestine, my grandfather was born in Palestine, which makes me part Palestinian, and even though I’m a Canadian, I feel more Palestinian than Canadian, because I wouldn’t be living in Canada if it were not for the abomination of the creation of the state of ‘Israel’, I would be living in Palestine (and when Palestine is no longer occupied, I have the right of return as a desendant of a Palestinian).


    1. that creation of Israel was a really bizarre thing, like India being snipped into three parts- Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, but unfortunately we cant go back in time and stitch the countries together though Germany did!


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