Thursday Articles 25.8.16

These articles are reposts from my other blog, there these were posted under the title of Thursday scribblings, the topic was problems of India- nicknamed Indian plagues.

6th Indian Plague- poverty

Political exploitation 1

Most probably this is why political parties, their leaders, their ministers never try to eradicate or diminish poverty to at least tolerable limit.

Poor people are the perfect target for exploitation, the poorer the better. Well, I have spent 1985-2005 (excluding one year) in Red bastion Burdwan, seeing and suffering cold blooded murder of my academic career. Our erstwhile governments were hell’s minions set loose upon Bengal. The years they passed in power absolutely destroyed the education system in the state, they dragged down Bengalis from brainbank of the country to cadres.

Yes, they needed cadres, lot of them, so they could be appointed to arm-twist, snoop and do all the dirty things that political leaders require their minions to do while they stay pristine white!

Most probably that is why they ruined every possible way of getting decent jobs in the state and formed their cadre brigade- these unemployed men, women had nothing to lose, but to target the carrot of “government job” in front of their nose. They chased it sometimes till their death and dragged the state lower and lower into s***hole.

Now, had these people had money, jobs would they have been doing those cheap things?? I doubt that!

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