Empty Playground for carrot ranch!

August 24, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about an empty playground. Is it abandoned or are the children in school? What is it about the emptiness that might hint of deeper social issues. It can be a modern story, apocalyptic or historical. Go where the prompt leads.

Respond by August 31, 2016 to be included in the weekly compilation. Rules are here. All writers are welcome!



A gust of wind made the swing moan, as if it was aching for those little kids that kept it busy all day! Where were they? The swing wondered. He could no longer hear their screams and shouts as they ran around him, chasing one another.

Not too far away, just outside the playground they were huddled inside a bunker, as their parents waited for the all clear siren from the military camp.

A crow flew from its nest and settled down on the swing, cawing raucously. With people gone the world was all his.

He basked in sunshine.


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