If you want readers…

Just a suggestion from a veteran blogger, I think I can say a word or two because I started my journey in wordpress in January 2009,


When you are building a readership there are two ways you can go about it-

one- you want a lot of visitors, comments- will do without actual readers-
There are lot of sites that offer that, I get mails/comments in my accounts, but don’t use them because at present I am not keen to have their services, I am targeting for actual readers. But if you are looking for visitors and comments you may check out their services AT YOUR OWN RISK.

two- if you want actual comments, readers, visitors- many or few- like I do-

join groups that have created a group for you, already, and run some weekly prompts-
like miraclegirlblog.wordpress.com

there are many such blogs, who have created their own group of readers, genuine ones you can enjoy their toil. But if you really want to build an actual group of readers- BE PREPARED TO VISIT, ACTUALLY READ AND COMMENT on regular basis.

Don’t just hop from blog to blog saying “nice post, check out my post too!” 😉

Hope this little post helped you a bit!



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