Agnijaat 5.9.16 – Have a blessed Ganesh Chaturthi!

Ganeshmurti 26.9.15 IMG_0001

Wish you all a very blessed Ganesh Chaturthi, today is the day when we celebrate the birthday of Lord Ganesha, son of Mother Goddess Parvati, though officially he is Lord Shiva’s son too but as per the myths Mother created him on her own.

Lord Shiva was immersed in a meditation (or was out on a trip as per some versions), Mother Goddess got lonely and she created a beautiful boy, Lord Ganesha, she went for a bathe and asked her son to stay guard at the door, he was watching out for her when Lord Shiva returned, they did not knew each other so the little boy prohibited Lord Shiva from entering his own home, he got angry and chopped off his head. Mother Goddess came running out and told Shiva what he has done.

Lord Shiva asked his consorts to find out the kid’s head and bring it back to him so he could resurrect him, they could not find it so they brought the head of an elephant and Lord Shiva brought the boy back to life with that head attached to him.

Lord Ganesha is legendary for his devotion to his parents. There are some very beautiful stories about it, like one that Bengalis love, once Lord Ganesha and his sibling Kartikeya were fighting, who will marry first, they both wanted to marry first, fighting they went to their parents.

Mother Goddess gave them a task- she said whoever circles around the world thrice and returns to Kailasa first will be wedded first. Kartikeya went rushing riding his peacock, knowing Lord Ganesha will never beat him riding his mouse.

Lord Ganesha took walked around his parents three times and sat down, waiting for his brother. Lord Kartikeya showed up after completing the task and challenged Lord Ganesha.

Well, Lord Ganesha won, because as per Hindus parents are your world. So Lord Ganesha got married first and Bengalis say that is why Lord Kartikeya never married.


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