Agnijaat 12.9.16- Have a blessed Eid uz Zoha!

Eid uz Zoha or Bakrid (13.9.16, the name used in India) is a festival that is quite similar to the stories of bible I believe. Very much similar! As per the story God asked the prophet Mohammed to prove his loyalty to him by sacrificing his own son, the prophet obeyed God’s will without any hesitation, though he loved his only son very dearly. Not only that he took his son’s permission too before sacrificing him to God, that is trying to sacrifice him, the second the blade touched his son’s neck an angel appeared and stopped it. He not only saved the boy but told the prophet that he is about to be blessed with another one.

We human beings squabble so much with each other in the name of religion but we will see how much our old stories resemble with one another. Like the stories of Hinduism has a stunning resemblance with Roman and Greek mythology.

It does hints that our roots are same, does not it? We have to grow up and act like adults.

Well, have a blessed time ahead! Don’t forget to pick up your copies of the twins on 18.9.16, Agnishatdal and Agnijaat.



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