Thursday Articles 29.9.16

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The way it seems the women of Vedic age were most probably treated best by their men, now, these days too women have regained their position as men’s equals as per law, just like it was then. Back then women could do almost everything that men could do except remarrying, that privilege Hindu men kept to themselves till modern era.

So can women of present age, they can remarry too if they want, so why do I think they were better treated back then? Well, back then men too thought that women were equals and treated them as such, I guess men were better back then!

Now law of course clearly states women are equal but men I wonder when will men start to know that, it is not believing or thinking, it is a simple truth that their ancestors could see 4000 years ago and then can’t see!

When a person is blind he can get his vision back if luck favours, but if a person shuts his eyes and won’t open it at any cost then no one can make him see.


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