Agnijaat 3.10.16


Hello! It is Monday morning, but here in Bengal very few people will suffer from Monday morning blues this Monday, because eyes are all glittering, spirits soaring, Durgapuja is about to start, on 7th October. So, everyone is preparing for THE festival of Bengalis.

The rest of Hindus celebrate it as Navratris, a nine day festival that starts on the day we Bengalis call Mahalaya, that fell on 30th September this year.

They worship the Mother Goddess Durga for nine days and dance almost all night, that is called Dandia, it is a very colourful affair, full of music and fun, have seen it twice, enjoyed it quite a lot. Never participated in dancing though, born with two left feet.

We Bengalis worship the Goddess for five days, starting on Mahashashthi (Shashthi means sixth day mostly), Mahasaptami, Mahashtami, Mahanavami and Vijayadashami- Vijayadashami means the tenth day (here) of victory. Because on this day the Mother Goddess has slain the buffalo demon.

But that story is for next week, on 10th October, the fourth day of Durgapuja, Mahanavami. Today a little painting of dandia for you.

Wish you a happy Durgapuja and Happy dancing (if you dance dandia) in advance. Have a great time!


16 thoughts on “Agnijaat 3.10.16

  1. Nice write up explaining tradition in Bengal. Today is the Tritya or Third day of Navratri. ma Durga takes the form of ChandraGhanta, rides a tiger and has ten arms equipped with many weapons. It is an interesting depiction as she Kills evil with the sound of bells.


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