Agnijaat 10.10.16


Good morning on the first day of the week, that is, the dreaded Monday morning, with Durgapuja almost gone the mood is somber here too, everyone is trying to relish the final day before bidding the Mother Goddess goodbye for yet another year and wondering how time vanishes when you are having fun!

Durgapuja is a five day festival that entire Bengal, irrespective of caste, religion etc. etc. enjoy with great gusto or are forced to bear with. You don’t have any other choice dearies, believe me! Those who are enjoying it will ensure that you hear their cheers, they roam on streets all night long, bursting crackers and blowing whistles, horns whatever they can arrange to buy. If not anything else then hollering at the top of their lungs.

They visit pandal after pandal, enjoying the decorations- that is a huge affair, especially in Kolkata, the pandals where the idols are kept are visual treats, no I don’t go pandal hopping but see them in internet, or every newspaper that we read during those five days, they have sections for Durgapuja and its different aspects. Pandals of course hog the limelight in Kolkata, more than worshipping the Goddess.

During the day time you will hear the loudspeakers attached to the pandals, playing whatever the club involved wants to play and announcing the puja progress from time to time for those who want to offer their pujas to the deities. Again no, I don’t go to offer my pujas in pandals, sorry, that is a bad habit formed since I first offered my puja in my ancestral home, in 1985, once you get the taste of true puja these pujas done half-heartedly, without much knowledge of the actual thing look like child play, you just fail to have the urge to go and offer your puja to a deity that looks very beautiful but feels lifeless.

Wish you a blessed, happy Durgapuja if you are Bengali, a blessed Navratri if you are North Indian or any other Indian who celebrates Navratri and a blessed time to everyone else. May all the blessings of the Mother Goddess shower down upon you and your world!


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