Thursday Articles 13.10.16

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This is another area in which I personally think the pendulum is going downwards, quite unpleasantly! No, there were tyrant kings, they have been around ever since the ruling others for one excuse or other came I believe!

But back then the rulers were bound by some rules, they had some moral responsibility towards their subjects, which a huge percentage of them fulfilled, one wonders that if the politicians of these days are given that amount of liberty how many of them will nurture their subjects, make them thrive.

Check out the communist states or other forms of rules like military, fascism and you will get the answer.

The ugliest joke is most probably communism they sniggered at the “states” as devices of “exploitation of classes” and then taught us how that can be done at its best level!

So will I be wrong if I say we still are ruled by despots without ethics? Only these are not shunned by us like our ancestors shunned cruel kings.


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