Agnijaat 17.10.16


Good morning and happy Monday! Wish you a delightful week ahead. Our festival phase is almost over here, the day before yesterday, 15th October was Kojagari Laxmi Puja, the full moon right after Durgapuja is dedicated to the Goddess of good luck and prosperity, Mother Goddess Laxmi.

After the full moon shows up in the sky she is worshipped, quite popularly in Bengal, not as fervently as North Indian Hindus worship the same Goddess on Dipavali though (29th October), when we Bengalis worship Mother Goddess Kali- the destroyer of evil.

So Durgapuja is over, so is Laxmipuja, two more are left in Bengali Happy Days calendar- Kalipuja (aka Dipavali) and Bhaiphota (aka Bhaidooj, 1st November).

May all the blessings of the Goddess of luck, prosperity and wealth shower down upon you and your world, now and forever.


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