Agnijaat 24.10.16


Happy Monday kids, have a great week! Durgapuja is gone, so is Kojagari Laxmipuja and the final two are about to show up, one after the other.

I have long stopped bursting crackers on Kalipuja (Dipavali), but I still love to decorate home with candles or earthen lamps. Back in Burdwan I used to head for our village home, to deck up that house during the Kalipuja, and attend the puja held there.

There were many candidates to decorate the Burdwan house, but few for the ancestral home. So we never skipped that.

How our preferences change with time, don’t they? As a child we used to buy firecrackers by dozen, and I remember spreading them out in the sun, so that if there was any moisture in them that gets soaked by the sun and they give their loudest roar or brightest sparkles on Diwali night.

We were allowed to burst crackers on only Dipawali night, it was a very good habit instilled in us. It made us love Dipavali night a lot more and spared the neighbours from nuisance day after day! We maintained that habit even when we were in our late teens, then I bought Misha, my pet spitz, she made me forget bursting crackers. I have never seen a creature so afraid of crackers!

Again, in advance, have a blessed festival of lights on 29th and may the Mother Goddess Kali destroy all evil from your world!


2 thoughts on “Agnijaat 24.10.16

  1. Nice to know of your Diwali celebrations. During Durga Puja , the 7th day is celebrated kaalratri and kali Maa is worshipped. She is supposed to have killed raktaBeej on that day. What is the story for diwali.. great illustration


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