Agnijaat 31.10.16


Happy Monday babies, have a great week! Kalipuja, Dipavali too is over, the festival of light is gone, but left sparkles behind, tomorrow is Bhaiphota, bhaidooj, the second favorite festival of Bengalis.

Sisters celebrate their brothers on this day. They pamper them to no end. Feed them plates filled with sweets and gala lunches, if allowed dinners too.

Brothers visit their sisters on this day mandatorily if not impossible, and if they fail sisters miss them dearly, and often paint a tika (elongated dot) on the Tulsimanchha (Holy Basil plant’s pot).

Not only siblings but cousins and sometimes friends too are treated like brothers on this day, if you get that tika on your forehead by a lady that meant you were to treat her like your own sister from then on, if you are a decent chap of course. That is why men who had fancy on some girl avoided her presence on this day. They did not even flittered around her house.

Quite often women invite unwanted lovers to their home on this dreaded (to them) day and force them to become their brothers. Wicked huh? It is an age old practice of Bengali women, a fling that might have become ugly becomes sweet. After all, she is your sister now!

May your siblings love you always!

4 thoughts on “Agnijaat 31.10.16

  1. Went for Kalipooja to my neighbours who hail from Bengal. All the Sanskrit Shlokas were from Durga Saptshati. Tmw is bhai dooj and will go to my sisters house. Thus different names but a common thread ties us all.


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