Thursday Articles 10.11.16

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What happened to the moral values of men? Why is it sinking so fast? Everyone talks about the moral downfall of women, which is true but what about the men? Theirs too has fallen.

When women were chained to homes they did not had much chance to “lure” helpless men of course, but what about the vedic time? When women were not confined to homes? They did everything side by side men?

Was it their chastity that kept men at bay or were men of better moral character then? I will vote for the latter.

Any honest woman can’t deny that a solid percentage of women deliberately provoke men, but the greater percentage does not- why do they have to suffer the depravity? Men are not that sweet and innocent to not know who is seducing them and who is not! I believe even innocent persons can feel that, attempt of seduction, forget about depraves or normal persons.

The eternal alibi is of course there, a woman can’t force herself upon a man, she can only lure, but a man can always shun and kick her out of his vicinity if he is chaste. So the society should be concentrating more on bringing up chaste sons! Their daughters are more or less chaste excluding maybe 20-25 percent.


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