Agnijaat 14.11.16


So the festival dish for you, this week, Chhathpuja or Suryashashthi fell on 6th November. This is a very colourful festival and you can hear the women singing as they head for the Ganges, early in the morning, before dawn to worship the Sun God.

Thanking him for the blessings he showers down on earth, after all, everything we have is because of him!

It is quite a tough puja, worship, four days of worship, fast etc. No, we Bengalis don’t hold this puja, we are way too busy with other pujas during this phase I believe!

It is mostly held in its neighbouring state, Bihar, and has spread with them, wherever they have relocated, they have taken this festival with them. But Kolkata has a huge population of Biharis (residents of Bihar), so you will feel the festival when it is around. You will hear their songs as they head for the Ganges.


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