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Thursday Articles 22.12.16

“Hindu men should give birth to more Hindus to save the religion.” Said a **** to …well whoever was cursed enough to hear!

Honestly!! Can you believe a man can utter those words? I don’t think he was a man, he must have been a virus, because only they suggest that method of breeding to prove their superiority or control over something.

Maybe, you should respect and allow the harijans (so called low castes) equal place as other castes so that they don’t convert to Islam or Christianity?

There are enough Hindus, and if you improve Hinduism as a religion and in place of shoving it down the gullets of believers try to impress them by its magnificence the religion will strengthen itself, if you try to drag people back to stone age in name of religion they will revolt, like they did before.

So, first try to add some gray matter to your brain before opening the doors of the cave too wide.

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