Thursday Articles 19.1.17

Self love is a virtue. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself, no matter who you are, how you look like. You may be a beautiful creature without a flaw or just an ordinary person with dozens of flaws. That is none of anyone’s business. If they like it well and good, if they don’t you don’t care!

You don’t have any skills, you don’t have huge bank balance, a car or a house of your own but you are happy with your life, no one has any right to look down upon you. If they do you don’t care, because you are happy with your own little world, with its shortages and excesses! Who cares what your rich neighbor thinks, not you!

When does it become a vice? When you are so obsessed with yourself that you start to look down upon others, mock them, hate them or taunt them. When you don’t care if they live or die, all you care about is yourself.

When you pelt stone at your rich neighbor’s car or throw mud at his windowpane. That is when your self-love becomes a vice.

True self-love believes in loving oneself and does it, but it also accepts others, and accepts the huge fact that they may not love him, it is not possible for everyone to love everyone, if it was, world would have become such a lovely place! So, he should let them be and pick up those who like him and accept those who do not love him till they cross their limits and try to heckle him.

In today’s world love is very rare to find, it has taken a backseat somewhere down the lane, mostly we will see male and female Casanovas around us or worse gold diggers using love as their digging tool. So, self love is an essential virtue in my eyes. If you can love yourself without looking down upon others, or being selfish then you are a true winner. Because then you won’t hunger for anyone else’s attention or affection, and that may save your neck! You won’t shun love but you will never be desperate for it either, because you will never look down upon yourself, so, if someone does, someone does not thinks you worthy of his/her love you will let him/her walk away without much fuss. That will certainly save you from Mr. or Ms. Casanovas, because that is how they trap their prey, by playing with them and checking out which one is desperate to bite.

Not only that, in every circle of life it will give you a dignified place, if you don’t show any desperation for attention, affection. In place of that just be who you are, you will most probably be surrounded by people who understand you and like you. In place of chasing those you fancy but they don’t acknowledge your existence.


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