Thursday Articles 26.1.17

Strugglers sometimes have a tendency to look at the light of the stars, the things they have, the glory, the fame and the riches. They often tend to forget the sacrifices they make to reach that place.

If you listen to their story you will be surprised, thankful to God most probably that your childhood or youth was far more fun than theirs. So many of them have spent their nights on pavements, travelled for hours, sat outside the studios for hours to earn minimal amount of money, then luck has clicked for some. Do you ever wonder about those thousands who never made it to the big league? They lacked something or other. Talent, hard work, dedication may not always work, we have seen many people with all three of these qualities without the success they deserve.

They played a huge gamble, very few won, another handful got consolation prize and rest well rest just wasted away their lives. So, when you think about shooting to sky without paying any taxes know one thing, there is nothing in this world for free.

A star burns itself to give light. Do you have that irresistible urge to glow? To bet everything you have to the fire and see if it will glow for you?

Then if it starts to glow it is surrounded by insects, creatures that come to it smitten by glow and disappear after a fruitless relationship, being a star is very lonely mostly, most people hover around them for their wealth not the actual being.

In the end it is our inner call that we should listen to, whether or not we have that urge, talent to try a career that may fizzle out after a short burst, and if/when it does do we have the sensibility to walk away and start an average life or will we throw away our life trying to get that firework back?

Look at your life on the other hand, you grew up pampered by parents, went to school, college, joined a job, met your sweetheart, married got settled, had kids. Not a very bad alternative is it?


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