Hindus have no devils in their religion.

Honestly. Some people really force you to protest, don’t they? I usually ignore these people but…

To anyone and everyone who tries to paint mother goddess kali as an evil power and call her worshippers devil worshipper. Sorry to break your truly ignorant heart but devil does not exists in Hinduism tsk tsk tsk. So if don’t want to prove yourself a medieval or stone age person who falsely labeled those he could not understand or dominate.. do your homework first. Study those you want to criticize or like a child insult.

I remember a guy from Facebook trying to teach me Hinduism. Telling me yama or the god of death is hindu devil. I had to tell him that yama is the deity who never does anything against dharma. That is why he is called dharmaraj or king of dharma.

Another nugget of knowledge for you mother goddess kali destroys demons… so…. another zero in hundred for those who think she is not divine enough.

World is full of fools who blog to prove that.


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