Hindu speaking…

I always proudly call myself old fashioned, proud of Hinduism type hindu. But I never fooled myself into believing that it is perfect. The best thing about Hinduism is it allows its followers changes! It allows its followers to respect, worship icons of other religions.

So I never get these modern thugs and monkeys of neo hindu era, though I will truly love true upliftment of Hinduism. But to do that we don’t need to be religious Nazis. That’s repulsive.

If Hindus truly want to grow they will have to embrace vedic Hinduism and change it to fit with modern times. I truly wonder if much changes will be required. Because it seems a very liberal religion to me. There were atheists in vedic era and they were called sages.. 😎

Disrespecting beliefs of others makes you arrogant, hurting them for that makes you ignorant monster. It applies to everyone not only us Hindus.

You may think painting a tattoo of a deity on your toe is cool, those who worship her may not share your views. Why act like impudent? Sooner or later you may face a fanatic!

Same theory applies to those who base their ‘knowledge’ on ‘movies’ give us a break!!! Will you?


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