Thursday Articles 9.3.17

Once upon a time Kolkata was center of Bengal’s culture, it was the birthplace or actual birthplace (place where they became what they were) of greatest of Bengalis. From that place it has gone straight to dustbin.

Of course they can blame the systematic murder of the moral and ethics of the people by the erstwhile communist government but can they deny their own corruption? Their own willingness to do corrupted at the minimum pressure or temptation?

The question that haunts and torments the mind is will they ever feel sad for the things they have done and try to make the state what it was before? Because the real tragedy is, Bengalis have destroyed this state, no outsiders, unless of course you call the Bangladeshi Hindus outsiders, who formed the erstwhile government and are running the present one too! Sorry to be rude but they do have a huge contribution, if not full behind the absolute death of morals and principles of the state.

One really wonders if Bengal will ever get out of this dustbin and cleanse itself.


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