Agnijaat 13.3.17


Happy Holi, today is the festival of colours in India. If you are in India today, and don’t want to get painted red, blue and green stay indoors! Lock your door and don’t open if someone suspicious knocks!

I keep my doors closed on this day, because on this day if someone paints you up and if you are a decent person you won’t make a fuss about it, just let them have their fun at your expense.

This day most cities of India have a colour bath, people enjoy this festival to the core, there are many types of colours they use- dry, wet, good for skin, bad for skin so better watch out! I keep my doors locked and shoo away anyone expresses the desire to play holi. But love watching others! It is so much fun to see people having so much fun 

You can do the same! But stay out of their range.

The authors of Chaitra Agnishatdal (the lotus of fire), March 15th Issue [(I know you guys already know that Agnijaat-fireborn, this ezine is a solo venture, I write all works (English) and Tony Williams edits them for the quarterlies)]:
The authors of Chaitra Agnishatdal, to be published on 15th March:
1. Carolyn Page.
2. Dominic Collucci
3. Swati Sarangi
4. Sakhi Bansal
5. Troy David Loy
6. Aayush Maurya
7. Harshita Jain
8. Toni Williams
9. Raghunandan Kuppuswamy
10. Freya Pickard
11. Sharmishtha Basu

As you guys already know that the Falgun, February agnishatdal (lotus of fire) and agnijaat (fireborn) were published on 13.2.17, if you want to read them write to me in and but do give me a critique. Please! Help the struggling Ezine(s) to get a foot-hold!
You can simply leave it as a comment here:
and email them to me in my addresses, or make me happier by posting them into your blog, if you do, please do another favour- tag them too, that is if the critique is of Agnishatdal then add its name in the tags, if it is of Agnijaat do the same favour.

You will find the bios of authors of agnishatdal in/under this main page:

If you want to buy the quarterlies you will get them here :



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