Thursday Articles 16.3.17

When I read these latest diktats from political goons about code of conducts of women on one hand I feel uneasy, wondering if they will get the upper hand and in future force them on women, on the other hand, when I hope that they won’t I feel tickled!

What do these people think women are? Stupid? Why exactly will they dance back to the chains and prisons from which once they have been liberated? Do they really think that after seeing the freedom and after being treated as human beings for quite some time women will ever willingly degrade themselves to their previous state, no matter how much they glorify that hell?

Then I pray, for the sake of the future women that they won’t walk into those traps, after all, once women were equals to men, then for one reason or other they embraced second position, one wonders why but they did! Was it all muscle power?


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