Critique of Falgun, February Agnishatdal by Troy David Loy

Agnishatdal Falgun Critique
Swami Dayanand Saraswati:
An interesting figure, whose work in transforming Indian society deserves wider
attention. His unsolved death under suspicious circumstances may one day be
explained, unfortunately in a historical rather than criminal legal context now that all
guilty parties are long gone by now!

This leader of the Marathas was brilliant, in my estimation, and a worthy opponent of the
Mughals, who kept them at arm’s length with his battle prowess. What would India be
like today if one of his calibre were still around?

Barsaat aur Tun ~ You and rain:
Aayush’s poem struck a few chords, in this heartfelt celebration of human vulnerability in
love. And it is no crime to be in that condition, I think.

Pal ~ Moments:
Harshita offers a verse on the passage of time and the futility of wanting what’s done to
return once it’s done and gone forever. Each instant is unique, and will not come again,
literally lost in time.

Gift of Life:
Sakhi gives a good argument, I think a sound one, for becoming an organ donor. I’ll
have to ask my own doctor about the viability of that at my age. It would be great to do
some genuine good even after my own demise!

Swati discusses the act and value of close observation of even the most seemingly
ordinary things, and how that is good food for our senses of awe and wonder. Nothing is
‘merely’ anything, no matter how seemingly prosaic at first glance.

A Tale from a Mango Tree:
Raghunandan relates a whimsical story of a hungry Kaga needing help in bagging a
meal. I was amused by its resolution, and the explanation of same at the end.

Treats of the Month:
There’s a lot going on this month!
First: Happy Birthday, Carolyn Page!
What to look for When self-Editing your manuscript Part 2: more useful tips for self-done
work on one’s manuscript short of a professional, and a yet further step to becoming

Sakhi’s and Dayton’s interviews were windows into the writing of two very gifted
individuals who in my view both deserve wide notice in writer’s circles.

Amjad Ali Khan and Sons:
Excellent! The three musicians here have produced some fantastic pieces, and this
already has me listening to their instrumentals on YouTube. I’ve found this link a
beginning listen to the Master’s own work:

2×2 cute couples:
Yay! Movies to check out! The acting partners here were previously unfamiliar–shame,
shame on me! So I’m now looking at their movies online. I’ll share here the link to Chhoti
Si Baat, with two of this month’s actors, Amol Palekar and Vidya Sinha: https://

Falgun Recipe: Gujhia:
This month’s recipe seems a temptation to the tastebuds, out of Uttar Pradesh! It will be
a challenge to try making, but worth it. I’ve found a few Indian groceries in my area, and
should have little trouble getting the ingredients!

Creator’s Quill:
Some interesting things this month from the authoress!
The Charons: a piece from the story that made me a writer: Here’s an excerpt from
chapter 5 of the authoress’s book, which impels me to read the whole again, from cover
to cover.

Bengal this Month: It’s love that takes the stage this month, with Valentine’s Day, Holi,
and Shivratri three big celebrations for the romantic!

Pieces of Past: Vedic Era:
A good discussion on the importance of the Vedic scriptures on Indian thinking and the
subcontinent’s major ruling powers throughout history.


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