Thursday Articles 23.3.17

How powerful corrupted can be, take a look around you and you will see. Their power is immense, yet they whine about their condition, they go around inflicting pain on others and seek sympathy, pity and humane behavior. Do they ever stop or think, they or their blind sympathizers that why don’t these people try to stay within the limits of humanity? Like many others do!

If a person is forced into doing something corrupted and is not allowed to change his or her ways s/he may have reasons to deserve pity, sympathy but what about the majority? Who become corrupt by their free will and these are the ones who try to evade the justice, in their language punishment.

First it was too harsh, blind justice, then it mellowed down a bit and now it ignores the rights of innocents or very often crushes under its feet!

Most probably we need a just justice system, not only in courts but in our hearts too!


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