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Wednesday Table of Urania 27.12.17 Leo Capri and Julia Roberts

Leo Capri:
He in my dictionary is “awesome” a mind blowing actor who is capable of playing mushy roles of Titanic, awesome suave roles of catch me if you can to the cut-throat realist of blood diamond… I have seen so many movies by him and he is awesome in each and every one of them! There are few actors of Hollywood who will never be anything but “awesome” in my dictionary he is one of them. This is what Wikipedia says about him:

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio born November 11, 1974 is an American actor, film producer, and environmental activist. His first movie was critters 3 in 1991, his talent was recognized since his work as Johnny Depp’s autistic brother in Who is eating Gilbert Grape – 1993.

The thing that knocks me out about this extraordinary actor is his versatility – I don’t remember any other actor playing all types of roles with such eloquence, the only ONE actor that crosses my mind is Uttam Kumar of Bengali movies but he was not as powerful a performer as Leo. Leo is truly a blessed actor!

This is what I think of him:
Four actors that are acting right now are super awesome in my opinion, Brad Pitt, Leo Capri, Johnny Depp and Russel Crowe! I mean the actors who have proved their mettle after giving one good movie after another for more than two decades at a stretch! These three actors if I start complimenting them one post will be too small a place to discuss their talents. I am not talking about the shining new stars or the veterans like Sean Penn, Dustin Hoffman, they are of the earlier age. Will talk about them too!

I have seen quite a handful of Capri movies, for one reason, I absolutely love his acting. His outstanding talent is captured further by the versatility of his roles! I have seen him playing all types of roles, and there are a few of his movies I keep repeating after a certain interval of time, like Shutter Island, I believe it is one of his very best performances!

I have really loved his acting in many movies, like What’s eating Gilbert Grape, blood diamond, catch me if you can, inception… I personally think as Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Russel Crowe are a little older than him, he is the best actor of his time!

Do you like his acting? I am damn sure you have seen his movies by dozens…. You should if you love movies with quality performance and good stories.

Julia Roberts
Birthday: 28th October 1967 in Smyrna Georgia.

It is very hard to not love this dazzling lady with a thousand watt smile! Honestly she may not be a powerful actress like Susan Sarandon or Meryl Streep but her charisma and very natural way of acting covers for that.

When I was checking her out on Wikipedia I discovered to fun things I did not knew earlier, one- I have seen almost all of her movies! Two- she is a Hindu! Awesome! Sort of loved that part a lot!

Basically the thing I love most about this lady, after her thousand watt smile is her extremely expressive face, very rare actresses have this capacity (lesser actors), when I see her I think of Suchitra Sen in Bengali movie, only she could express her feelings without uttering a word like Jules does! Right now, none else is coming to my mind possessing this talent! I don’t compare my favorites, or for that matter anyone! So, I won’t compare her with my other hot favorites like Susan Sarandon or Meryl Streep, I believe every artist has his or her own set of gifts, and I am quite happy to take it like that! I don’t expect an actress like Simone I am satisfied with human actors! Who have their powers and limitations!

I know you all have seen movies of this awesome actress, right?

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I dont know, being me I may have missed mentioning it, do remember one thing,
as you read these works, some of these are my personal views and whatever data,
you see in these are collected from various sites of internet, mostly
wikipedia, and quite often from the sites of the artists

You know I dont know everything right? I am just a student who is sharing her
notes with you!



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