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Agnishatdal Chaitra, March review by Troy David Loy

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Agnishatdal Chaitra 1424 Critique
By Troy David Loy

Bah! This will be my last piece for the year 1424 for Agnishatdal, so I’ll try to make it a good one!

Shraddarghya — Salutations:
Here we have an image with a really nice selection and balance of color. The authoress is really upping her game with this and other of her recent pieces! It features a flower blossom centered in a stylized heart. Simple, and good!

Dr Meghnad Saha:
That this man contributed as much as he did to the scientific process is impressive, and not at all surprising to me. Pre-Independence India has produced many great scientists, while modern India continues to. Thumbs up!

Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay:
Hmmm. I’ll have look for Ingreji translations of this author’s books. If not there are bound to be copies online in the original language for me to practice on during study. For one whose life took a darker turn much of the time, his writings are with little doubt bound to be insightful.

Happy Holi:
Hemdiva’s story is a sound warning of the celebratory hazards of careless or harmful pranks during an otherwise enjoyable and generally fun festival.

The future looks bright from here:
Null gives a bright perspective this month on teenage advocates of social change.

The Black Queen, Piece 3:
Brieuc’s serial adventure in French Indochina continues, with a bit of foreshadowing into a darker turn of events.

Pritamji and his Nuskas 2:
Verbal mischief rears its lighthearted head, with strike and counterstrike in a
conversation about remedies among friends. Fun stuff!

A dot signs the page:
Dom gives here a verse on cold weather, the snowstorms following the nightfall.

BP speaks of lecherous old men being, well, lecherous old guys toward younger, often much younger, women, but worsening the matter by not acting their age.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan:
Here is a good singer to look up online. If he’s anywhere near as good as suggested here, it’ll be well worth it!

Pandit Raghunath Seth:
I love flute music. I don’t know why, but I do. Perhaps it was during an episode of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, but nonetheless, this artist’s stuff sounds delightful.

Creator’s Quill:
This is a really cute digital painting of a lion cub. Good separation of colors here, even without a gradient mapping.

Minutes Together …:
This digital painting shows a girl reading with a rabbit nearby. Simple color selection, with sparing use of outlines.

The Lotus of Fire 2018 book—few works
Here are a few interesting digital paintings with poems. Four in all, they show a good choice of colors, shades, and font selection to allow easier reading against the image background.

Shukatara — Morning star & badal ka saya — shadow of clouds:
Good reads, both of these photo-poetries. I’ve saved them to Evernote for further reading during study days.

EXCELLENT digital painting this month, for the eponymously named festival. Lots of colors in this one, and VERY well arranged.

Pieces of Past — Bairam Khan:
Not unlike nowadays, dirty politics has always been a frequent companion to leaders, as this bit of history from the Mughal empire shows.

Story from Ved and Puranas — Two Ganges:
The origin story of the Two Ganges Rivers, the Godavari and the Ganges, is told.

Modern Lovers (!!):
Two cartoon pics of typical guys turning down possible brides for underhanded reasons. For stick figures, these are very expressive in their body-language.

Final Image:
This one shows a girl in green with fawns. Nice one!

That’s it for this year! I’ll see you again next month now that are into the BS 1425, so do take care, and in abbreviated Soruggon….
Tf. Tk. Tts.


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