Agnijaat 28.1.19

Magh issues of the Ezines were published (on 16th January) in shoptly. The 8th Quarterlies of the Ezines will be published on Saraswatipuja 10th February. The 7th Quarterlies of the Ezines were published in shoptly during Durgapuja. You can buy them from there, or if you want you can get them directly from me via paypal.

You can buy them by becoming my patrons in patreon- I gift them to my patrons, or If you want to buy the fresh issues try on/after 25th of every month.

Or you can buy any of the issues via paypal, pay me via paypal, and in the comment that paypal allows you to add give me your email id where I will send the pdf files and the list of books [DON’T FORGET IT], if I am mistaken and paypal doesnot allows you to add a comment, note then write to me with the payment details and booklist ( and I will send you the pdf files.

Necessary links:

Pick up your fresh issues from patreon or shoptly, if you want the older issues, starting from July 2016 they can be bought via paypal: [DONT FORGET TO SUPPLY ME YOUR BOOKLIST AND EMAIL ID through the comment attached to your payment].

Have a fantastic week ahead!
Sharmishtha Basu


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