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Agnimalya book 12 Ye Have Been Warned 1- a piece

Agnimalya book 12 Ye Have Been Warned 1 June 2019

“Eat it before it eats you!” He exclaimed loudly. “Now what the heck does that means?”

He bought this property at a dream value two months ago. It was a sturdy nice house situated in the middle of own few acres of land. That was bordered by a nice pair of lines of trees that gave it absolute privacy. Neighbours could show up but could not snoop on him from their fields, homes.

The type of house he always dreamt of, where he will wake up in lap of nature and bird calls, sometimes a rabbit or fawn will show up in his field or porch… that type of house!

It was just outside a medium sized town, so everything was peachy! The only thing was in last two years two of its owners have vanished mysteriously, without a trace!

Neighbours claim they saw them one night next morning they were gone. So, naturally supernatural crept in and buyers vanished.

The worst part was second one did not even lived in this house, he came from his house to work and return in afternoon, that evening something prevented him from returning early it seemed, and he was gone.

Well, he got all the furniture and this board as inheritance from those hapless men.

The word in the board it seemed was semi-perfectly painted by grease not paint after someone put it up in the garden, by the porch stairs. Whereas the board’s original writing were still visible through that rough work, seemed to be a nameplate.

He has been thinking about it since the day he moved in.

“Eat what?” he wondered again and went out to check the spot from where he has carried it inside to restore it. He was wondering if he will repaint it and give the house a name or just dump it in the basement and buy a new one.

There was a new plant in that spot, it was not there when he moved in a week ago. A pumpkin plant, there was a beautiful flower too, the flower was humongous. He had an irresistible urge to fry that flower and eat it that night but curiosity got the better of him and he decided he will see how big the pumpkin will be.

The plant was hybrid, the pumpkin was growing in a super speed, by the end of two days it was as big as a beach ball.

That night the sound of struggle woke him up. It was right outside his window. He picked up the shotgun and cautiously looked out, took care to stay hidden in case that serial killer was out in the garden, trying to get in.

Moonlight helped, it was bathing the entire field.

A group of rabbits were hopping around the field, nibbling on the vegetables. One of them ventured near the pumpkin plant and right in front of his terrified eyes a set of razor sharp teeth showed up, in a flurry of fur the rabbit was gone.

He could feel his hair standing up.

“Eat it before it eats you….” The warning was crystal clear now. But will it go without a fight when he shoots it tomorrow?

Next morning he shot it and he could hear its howl, full of pain and rage. He diced it and cooked it, distributed it to neighbours, could not muster up the courage to eat it himself.

From then on he ate the flowers the day they bloomed.

The penalty he had to pay for that property was he could not go anywhere, as if the vine could sense that. Once he went out for a week, when he returned half a dozen pumpkins were waiting for him, the largest one was as big as him.

It was good that the shotgun was in trunk of car and he was alone.

Oh yes, that board was back, he repainted it with his own hands and placed it right beside the seething pumpkin plant.



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