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thank you firstgear.

Well, the editor of requested me for few of my works and I sent him/her one that s/he kindly accepted it. Published it in their site after giving it quite a nice title too [at my request], then the “all-knowing” Indians unleashed their politically motivated [or financially] wrath on it. Trying to prove that they are the ones who know it all, everyone else that talks against their words are serving half-cooked truth. I am strictly averse of gossip-mongering, have always been and will always be, that is why I never believe any news unless of course I read it in at least two or three reliable sources, so, when I heard a Magsaysay award winning journalist saying similar things [I am not a parrot, I added my own views but based on facts supplied by him in NDTV- Ravish Kumar] and an ex senior journalist of Times of India [Akash Banerjee] and an ex senior journalist of Anandabazar [Abhisar Sharma] I felt they were speaking the truth and honestly I have been watching a lot of their programs and I don’t think they lie or gossip-monger.

I am not the cracker-bursting and Ram Temple building elite class, I only picked up my pen for the migrant labourers and poor men and women who are suffering in this country and these liars who have the audacity of calling other names reminded me how useless it is to try to wake the privileged class of Indians up when they are so happy with selling their morals and country for few more bucks. Honestly, I don’t have time for writing for such losers! I will rather write for people who have brain and have the guts to accept truth when it is dancing in front of their nose!

Here is the article, read it, assess it and then read the comments, will be looking forward for your views!

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