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Coming Kingdom December 2019 Critique by Troy David Loy

Coming Kingdom December 2019 Critique by Troy David Loy

One rainy evening A young woman, a “computerwali,” braves torrential weather while she journeys to the bus station from work. Does she survive the terrible weather?

One romance, two twists Nat and Mahua have a thing going between them, but the triangle is completed by one Rekha, and complicated by Nat’s past with her. When he now is obsessed with Mahua, does his relationship with his parents and inheritance still hold?

Our deed The Infamous Trio riff on the poisoned romance of Jayant and Bina, wed without dowry. Family and friends barred from her parents-in-law home for her status, she slowly turns on and divorces her spouse after having more than enough of ill treatment. What happens when Jayant remarries with his parents’ consent?

Our God Ratna discovers Meera, a young dalit woman and child hiding from pursuers in her car, and drives from the scene with them. After saving them, she finds out why, do things work out for the better for all?

Of Thrones and palaces A deposed, impoverished queen, struggles for her family, with dignity and principles intact. When Tamanna is writing a book on Indian royals, and sees the queen praying in a temple without a home. She sees her one last moment, but does Tamanna realize the woman is royalty?

Perseverance is not worthiness Mahesh was adopted from poor parents, by his wealthy aunty, but lacks any real strength of character. As a lifelong chronic complainer does he find love anyway? When his brother Ramesh and young Nellie are in love with each other, Mahesh tries to part the two lovers through trickery and employment blackmail, and then his malice and obsession grow. But his plan backfires when his foster parents realize his efforts, and punish him accordingly. well written, this one!

Petty things Aravind and Sukesh are best friends, and when Sukesh gives food to a starving poor man at a woman’s, Sneha’s, ask for generosity toward the man. When other destitute people gather for similar generosity, things go better than otherwise for them, as the donations of food and clothes snowball within months, when things work out for all, destitute and employed alike.

Pig pen Tinni and Tusi talk about life to, with, and among pigs when Tinni’s father threatens to throw her in the pen. Why is this? This one is an interesting take from the perspective of the very young! Much more realistic than Charles Schultz’s “Peanuts.”

Pigs When life as a pig or pig farmer becomes a topic of conversation between Mohit and Sohan, it turns to the matter of two girls, Gina and Regina, and the matter of the two is brought home for Sohan.

Playing with fire This is a story within a story, when Pradeep hears the tale of young Priya who falls prey to a conniving predator. Pradeep gives her parents a piece of his mind about raising their daughter!

Poisonous minds The Infamous Trio gossip, this time over the stalking of a young woman by a John Shah who drove away those who truly love her, but could not destroy her integrity.

Prince and the ordinary man Two women discuss the merits of two men, Madhavesh and Sukesh, and which of the two would make the better groom.



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