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SBPnB December 2019 Critique by Troy David Loy

SBPnB December 2019 Critique by Troy David Loy

Proposal A man proposes to his bride-to-be, and convinces her that he’s the one for her!

Puja Pujita Verma is hardly the nicest of women, and when she tries to have her way with the man of her dreams, her spoiled nature gets in the way, destroying his love for her, and her life with him.

Punishment There’s a triangle between Sabuj, Tannishtha, and Sneha, and much ugliness between the latter two! When Sneha tries to destroy Tannishtha and steal Sabuj, does the tide turn? What happens when Sabuj tells Tannishtha what’s going on? Most enjoyable!

Pure evil Two men discuss the plotting of an evil daughter, and her and her family’s destruction and poisoning death of a girl. One of those men is accused by the other of a plot to destroy the girl and others, and NOT without good reason!

Quagmire Sanjay and Seema have a problem: their love is almost universally reviled and punished by society. Soon, the one begins punishing the other as their love fades! Does Seema escape from Sanjay’s newfound cruelty?

Ragini A young girl from Bihar tries to make it big in the Kolkata film industry, but soon finds it less than she expected when she becomes the mistress of a second-string director! After finally hooking a man she truly loves, does she get her wish?

Ramesh Juhi and Ramesh are close, and when Juhi is struck by a car, Ramesh is the one who’s there for her. Does love blossom between them?

Random act of kindness 3.11.10 Haru in Mumbai likes to read, an act he’s frequently punished for while attending work at the kiln. Does Haru get a real chance to study, despite the poverty of his family?

Rashi Jayanta wants to marry Arindam’s younger sister, but his parents disagree, and want him to marry another instead! How does this turn out? Do the parents acquiesce?

Ratri Ratri is in love with her manager, Deependra, over the desires of Jatak, a millionaire, and Deependra’s boss. Does she win the prize of her heart, or does money sway her instead? I like how this one turns out!

Rebels Rajnagar is in trouble, as its king, Rudradaman, is aging and without heirs. There are dacoits about in the kingdom, and things are not looking well! When one of his ministers suggests that the people are in cahoots with the robbers, a lone man appears in the night to investigate, and finds this is true! Who is this man, and what is the fate of those villagers he looks into? I loved the way this ended, and it is easily my favorite from this issue! It has the feel of an Indian Fairy Tale!

Red heart Ramya has a problem: too much heart for most people! When Vishnu, a co-worker, shows interest in her, he seems sincere…for a time! Priti shows her what’s really going on with him, and it’s not a good thing for Ranya’s feelings!

Red roses Young Lekha is the de facto captive of a lecherous old owner of the theater where she works, but a much younger man has won her love! Do the two young ones elope, despite the vile desires of the old lecher? This one is a fitting end to this month’s collection!



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