Agnijaat Some thoughts, creations of Sharmishtha Basu

Agnishatdal was born after quite a planning but Agnjaat like quite a few twins is surprise. I have received a lot of writing for Agnishatdal, and as I am not keen to raise its price from 1$ I decided to keep my own works very limited there.

But, the mojo behind creating Agnishatdal was to divert my own creativity to something that will last, for a few decades 😉 so came Agnijaat, she will carry my works, some essays, stories, poems, sketches…

if you want a sample or subscribe, advertisement contact me through BOTH emails because I am not that much of a blind believer of the services of emails, so…. please just type the second email id in the copy address line 😉

Click to access agnijaat-shravan-1423-4-blog.pdf


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