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chuck payhip links from my past, present and future posts! please!!!

Without bothering to send me a one line email to save my toil in advertising my books (plus their site) payhip just deleted my account out of blue. So you will see links directing to their *** site but please ignore them and if you like those books buy them through my paypal account.

Send me the payment, the list of the books you want I will send you the pdf files.

These books will be slowly republished in, but give me some time! you can check the site from time to time and see, I will share the links here too!


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Agnijashatadalama (fireborn lotus) the monthly, English newsletter for you!

It will start its journey on 1st day of Bengali New Year, 15th April 2018 if you want it send me a mail ( or leave your email id here, in the comments section, whichever you prefer.

It is free.

it is in English.

Very small in size (in case you are intimidated by my huge Ezines)

It will contain spoilers from the Ezines and my other books. Hope you will enjoy them!

This one will follow English Calendar.

I will keep the email ids for permanent, if you want your name off you will have to again write to me and tell me you want your name to be removed from the email list!

have a great day!

Sharmishtha Basu

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WordPress returned access to “Agnijashatadalama”!

believe me I am not even the least amused! But last week I accidentally clicked on the link and noticed that the site is back to life! I don’t know if it will stay alive or wordpress will snatch it back but I have scheduled some posts there, so if you see posts there don’t be alarmed, I posted them!

so ha ha and ha ha ha…

both are my blogs right now! don’t poke fun! ok?