Happy Hindu Halloween aka Bhootchaturdashi!

Today is Hindu Halloween aka Bhootchaturdashi, tomorrow Mother Goddess Kali will be worshipped, she is Lord Shiva’s wife, who lords over ghosties and ghoulies so most probably he sends them over to earth to check out things before his wife visits earth.

Whatever the reasons maybe Hindus believe that ghosts roaom on earth on this night, so they light up earthen lamps/candles at their doors and windows to keep them out. 🙂

Happy Hindu Halloween aka Bhootchaturdashi!

Stay safe!

This year Bhootchaturdashi is on the same day as Dhanteras, when northern India worships Goddess Laxmi, so,
be blessed!

Shubho Bijayadashami!

Bijayadashami means durgapuja is over. Sadness is the only tune of this day, parting from the friends, relations, and mother Goddess, too many reasons to mope about! The Ghat and Kalabou that were welcomed on saptami are immersed in the river on Vijayadashami morning. With that Ghat the Goddess leaves for her celestial abode, the clay idol stays behind to be immersed in afternoon. Wait for next year starts from morning!

Wish you all a very blessed time ahead!
May your world be forever blessed!

Durgapuja from a small village’s aristocratic home: