Today is our (Sharmishtha, Agnishatdal and Agnijaat’s) birthday!

Your loving blessings are more than cordially welcome. We do have a small gift for you in pdf form, if you will kindly accept it write to me (sharmishtha) and don’t forget to mention that you will love to have the gift! otherwise I will think that you were missing meh! 🙂

Do not forget to wish us! all three of us! Believe me your loving wishes are more powerful than you think!

Lots and lots of love!


Shubho Bijoya!


I KNOW what you are thinking! This was supposed to come up on 11th, not today, ahem! sorry! Was loitering around, having some fun, enjoying myself, giving my brain a little rest.

Heh heh… I have been blogging in during the durgapuja, mostly because I knew there wont be any readers there, so I will just sneak in, post, read the works of others and run away!

So, you will see these greetings there on due dates, with stories during durgapuja too!

Here, I sheepishly offer you my bijoya greetings on laxmipuja!

May you always be blessed my dear friends.


Shubho Laxmipuja!


North India will celebrate Laxmipuja on Dipawali, when we Bengalis will be worshipping Mother Goddess Kali, we Bengalis worship Mother Goddess Laxmi today, the first full moon after Durgapuja, it is called Kojagari Laxmipuja, the moon is brightest on this night.

believe me, this full moon is a sight to eyes away from the light of big cities, to be precise in some small village where you can see darkness in its actual form.

Wish you all the blessings of the Goddess of wealth, prosperity, peace and good luck (and Mother of mine, spend aplenty this way too)!