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By the Mighty Mumford

Having addictive behaviors,

In more than the usual flavors…

Exercise compulsion

Strains normal propulsion,

Resulting pains wake up neighbors!

Jonathan Caswell

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By the Mighty Mumford

Temperate of thirty-one,

We believe it, despite morning sun…

Scraping required–

Back defroster’s expired—

It’s replacement I haven’t done!

Autumn looks great today,

My hoodie jacket’s frayed…

But it’s warm

In sun or storm,

In the closet it’ll stay!

For weeks now she’s worn winter coats,

A windbreaker for me generally floats …

Since turning colder

Something heavier I’ll shoulder,

Stick to my ribs, do those oats! 😀

Jonathan Caswell

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no matter how much…

No matter how much
you cuddle or kiss a snake,
offer him bowls of creamy milk
he will bite you if
you make him afraid
or he feels like it!
Ah he is but a reptile,
without any moral teachings
what will you call those human beings,
who after learning all these lessons
act just like him?
We call them ambitious,
we call them power hungry,
we call them abused,
we call the scared,
but we almost never call them
what they are,
or ungrateful wretches
who take advantage of affection,
or trust and then
make benefactors regret
that they did not used the stick!


Love and hugs.

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a sore loser indeed…

Once a pair of sparrows
saw a monkey sitting by,
shivering in pouring rain
as wind and drops lashed him
from side to side.
The male spoke first,
being a kind soul he said,
“Oh monkey! you should my dear,
build a shelter for yourself!”
the monkey grimaced and ignored him.
Next it was the female’s turn,
being the sweet one she softly said,
“Oh dear! look at you shivering,
if only you had …”
The monkey pounced upon their nest
and ripped it to pieces.
This is what happens if you
try to help everyone around you,
not everyone is meant for help,
not everyone understands generosity,
some mock, some taunt and some bite
the hand that feeds!

Have a great day!

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When the clouds disperse

When the clouds disperse
even if your curtains are closed
you will know.
the extra light may not seep in
but the songs of birds will
their joyous symphony
to celebrate sun’s warmth
on their wet wings.
Their joy will break the flimsy
barriers of curtains and doors
to fill up your heart
with their ecstasy.

This is a sure way of knowing if the rain has stopped down here in Kolkata, whenever they start singing merrily it means the rain has ceased 🙂