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Thursday Articles 30.3.17

Will we become true Bengalis by celebrating Tagore’s birthday and playing his songs in loudspeakers? How about the values he taught?

If we look around we will feel that most probably the whole world is going downwards when it comes to human beings, their nature and behavior, but why should that be final? Because politicians want that! Everywhere the main reason behind human corruption these days is politics. The kings were often bad, so were their courtiers but back in those days the common people were noble, they had high values and ethics, at least that is what stories tell us! The kings were either tyrants or they were just, whatever they were they stayed for very long time, rarely did they gave away their crowns before death, that too mostly at a ripe age. So, that somehow gave a little stability, heaven or pure hell to their subjects.

Now is the era of politicians, who come out of nowhere and run after the votebank, they are capable of doing anything and everything for those votes. It is quite interesting but all wars, that has caused too much death have been egged on by “not kings” excluding the crusades. Hitler, Stalin, Bush- none of these were kings, they all can be called politicians.

Truly, I have started to wonder if politicians are our worse choice of rulers or not, after all they are rulers and we have elected them. So this time we can’t blame anyone else! But did we really made a nice choice?

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Thursday Articles 23.3.17

How powerful corrupted can be, take a look around you and you will see. Their power is immense, yet they whine about their condition, they go around inflicting pain on others and seek sympathy, pity and humane behavior. Do they ever stop or think, they or their blind sympathizers that why don’t these people try to stay within the limits of humanity? Like many others do!

If a person is forced into doing something corrupted and is not allowed to change his or her ways s/he may have reasons to deserve pity, sympathy but what about the majority? Who become corrupt by their free will and these are the ones who try to evade the justice, in their language punishment.

First it was too harsh, blind justice, then it mellowed down a bit and now it ignores the rights of innocents or very often crushes under its feet!

Most probably we need a just justice system, not only in courts but in our hearts too!

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Thursday Articles 16.3.17

When I read these latest diktats from political goons about code of conducts of women on one hand I feel uneasy, wondering if they will get the upper hand and in future force them on women, on the other hand, when I hope that they won’t I feel tickled!

What do these people think women are? Stupid? Why exactly will they dance back to the chains and prisons from which once they have been liberated? Do they really think that after seeing the freedom and after being treated as human beings for quite some time women will ever willingly degrade themselves to their previous state, no matter how much they glorify that hell?

Then I pray, for the sake of the future women that they won’t walk into those traps, after all, once women were equals to men, then for one reason or other they embraced second position, one wonders why but they did! Was it all muscle power?

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Thursday Articles 9.3.17

Once upon a time Kolkata was center of Bengal’s culture, it was the birthplace or actual birthplace (place where they became what they were) of greatest of Bengalis. From that place it has gone straight to dustbin.

Of course they can blame the systematic murder of the moral and ethics of the people by the erstwhile communist government but can they deny their own corruption? Their own willingness to do corrupted at the minimum pressure or temptation?

The question that haunts and torments the mind is will they ever feel sad for the things they have done and try to make the state what it was before? Because the real tragedy is, Bengalis have destroyed this state, no outsiders, unless of course you call the Bangladeshi Hindus outsiders, who formed the erstwhile government and are running the present one too! Sorry to be rude but they do have a huge contribution, if not full behind the absolute death of morals and principles of the state.

One really wonders if Bengal will ever get out of this dustbin and cleanse itself.

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Thursday Articles 2.3.17

Last month I was saying why a person should chose his own friend or lover on his own (or her), a musical drama by Rabindranath tagore is a sad reminder of its veracity.

In it a beautiful girl who was wooed by many fell in love with a young man, they both loved each other very much, but both were shy.

The girl’s friends kept misguiding her by saying her to make him wait, she kept saying that no, she wants to have him for the rest of her life but they somehow kept persuading her from trying!

Finally the man thought she will never love him and walks away from her forever, marries someone else, the girl shatters to pieces and never falls in love again!

So much so for peer pressure! I feel so sad when I hear this musical drama that I never hear it. 😉

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Thursday Articles 23.2.17

We human beings have a tendency to let things of past and probable future ruin our present, with or without reason.

Things that went wrong in past keep hovering in our mind for too long, ruining the joys, we brood over things that went wrong in past, the question is can we actually allow them not to? Some people are worriers by nature, they just cant stop themselves from brooding, fretting over things that has happened and are about to happen.

They are not one of those lucky persons who can sing “que sera sera” that is, “What will be will be” from heart or “let bygones be bygones”, they are fixated on “Whys and Hows”.

Can we consciously change this mindset? Then how? I have tried changing mine for years, quite sincerely, if not devotedly but have not been very successful, but we can divert our mind, that also works. At least works for me, it turns the night into cloudy day if not full of sunshine.

Have you ever battled with this human tendency? Did you win?

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Thursday Articles 16.2.17

People should always pick up their own friends, lovers and spouses-why? Because if you test a person yourself chances of your fitting in with that person are far higher.

We all do it, mingle with the friends of our friend, or siblings and mostly after some time we discover that it was not that good an idea. Sometimes we end up regretting it, especially if our relationship with the person who introduced us to that group is ruined, we often discover that his/her friends quite naturally are more loyal towards him/her; or worse, we discover through his/her friends that s/he was not what we thought s/he was! That is a different issue, but in the end, it is always better to spend your time with those who you have decided to make a part of your life, share your time with.

Even your best friend’s friends may not be of your league, or they may get jealous of the special bond you share with your friend and try to ruin it. That too happens very often!

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Thursday Articles 9.2.17

It is quite interesting the way some people ooze of negative energy, they may be apparently harmless people, living a harmless life but their sheer presence can fill up a place with negative vibe!

No matter how hard you try to ignore that side of them, it just keeps rubbing itself against you, like a dog covered with mud and slime rolls itself on carpet, leaving stains all over it, or loves to cuddle up against you and knowingly or unknowingly leaves that grime on you.

One often ends up wondering if these creatures do it accidentally, without knowing the impact they are having on others or they do it absolutely willingly!

Because most of the time they do it with a dash of extra eagerness, ignoring scowls and shoves.

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Thursday Articles 2.2.17

This is a dilemma of teenage and youth, a child is not bothered by loneliness, he rarely cares if someone is around him, he is enough for his own entertainment. We start to look for peers, friends after reaching teenage, and in youth it usually reaches its deepest point.

In teens we are more eager to have friends we can talk with, share our life with but then we have family life and other things to fill up the void. In youth mostly we distance a little away from our family, most of us end up in hostel or in other towns to work and the interest becomes an urge. We start to look for relationships, mostly romantic. Some get it some don’t.

The tragedy is those who don’t become depressed, they start to think that there is something wrong with them, or others. They are missing something or others are mean. That can be or may not be true. Maybe the people you have ended up with are too different from you and don’t want to mingle with you but mostly they are just human beings, who have their own buddy group and are not quite keen to have another person unless s/he catches their fancy, which you don’t. That may not mean they are bad, if they are then you should be the one shunning them! If they are not then they are not the only people in the world. You can always find out some people who think like you and will love to spend time with you. If not a dozen then one or two! In the long run those one or two friends stick for longer span of time than a whole group.

If you can’t manage even one then maybe you are different from others? You are special? You just don’t fit into the common crowd? You may enjoy that uniqueness and start looking for other ways to entertain yourself! There are thousand and one ways in modern world. You can always build superficial friendship over internet if you are truly desperate for human companionship.

That will be better than forcing yourself to mingle with people who will snicker behind your back or will introduce you to things that may cause you, your future serious harm.

Sometimes, enjoying your own company is a very good idea.

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Thursday Articles 26.1.17

Strugglers sometimes have a tendency to look at the light of the stars, the things they have, the glory, the fame and the riches. They often tend to forget the sacrifices they make to reach that place.

If you listen to their story you will be surprised, thankful to God most probably that your childhood or youth was far more fun than theirs. So many of them have spent their nights on pavements, travelled for hours, sat outside the studios for hours to earn minimal amount of money, then luck has clicked for some. Do you ever wonder about those thousands who never made it to the big league? They lacked something or other. Talent, hard work, dedication may not always work, we have seen many people with all three of these qualities without the success they deserve.

They played a huge gamble, very few won, another handful got consolation prize and rest well rest just wasted away their lives. So, when you think about shooting to sky without paying any taxes know one thing, there is nothing in this world for free.

A star burns itself to give light. Do you have that irresistible urge to glow? To bet everything you have to the fire and see if it will glow for you?

Then if it starts to glow it is surrounded by insects, creatures that come to it smitten by glow and disappear after a fruitless relationship, being a star is very lonely mostly, most people hover around them for their wealth not the actual being.

In the end it is our inner call that we should listen to, whether or not we have that urge, talent to try a career that may fizzle out after a short burst, and if/when it does do we have the sensibility to walk away and start an average life or will we throw away our life trying to get that firework back?

Look at your life on the other hand, you grew up pampered by parents, went to school, college, joined a job, met your sweetheart, married got settled, had kids. Not a very bad alternative is it?