Agnijaat 31.12.18

Wish you all a very blessed 2019! May God bless you with the very best only!

The 8th Quarterlies of the Ezines will be published on Saraswatipuja 9th February. The 7th Quarterlies of the Ezines were published in shoptly during Durgapuja. You can buy them from there, or if you want you can get them directly from me via paypal.

Magh Issues will be published on 16th January. Poush issues of the Ezines were published on 17th December in shoptly. You can buy them by becoming my patrons in patreon or If you want to buy the fresh issues try on/after 25th of every month.

Or you can buy any of the issues via paypal, pay me via paypal, and in the comment that paypal allows you to add give me your email id where I will send the pdf files and the list of books [DON’T FORGET IT], if I am mistaken and paypal doesnot allows you to add a comment, note then write to me with the payment details and booklist ( and I will send you the pdf files.

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Trishakti my second bilingual book in shoptly

This is my second book of Bengali poetry book with English translation in shoptly. Have tried a few in Amazon but as I have shifted venue, from now on these too will show up here.

This book is dedicated to three Mother Goddesses we Indians, Bengalis hold very close to our hearts- Goddess Laxmi- the giver of wealth and prosperity, Goddess Kali- the ultimate destroyer of evil, and Mother Goddess Durga- the eternal mother.

There are Bengali poems, their rough English translation and of course illustrations. Hope this tiny colourful book will please you! Well, these poems are dedicated to these three divine powers, remember that before buying them, you may or may not enjoy them! But hopefully you will love the illustrations!

I will love to hear from you, compliments, suggestions anything will do!
You know all those nitty gritty things- that the contents of this book are copyrighted works of Sharmishtha Basu, you are welcome to display them in your social media sites as long as you link them to my site and clearly mention my name as creator. I will only be grateful to you for liking them!
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Sharmishtha Basu


Red Butterfly and Harmony- My first traditionally published book

I personally coveted for it! no shame in admitting. even though I enjoyed indie publishing I always dreamt that someone will like my works enough to publish them and justfiction-edition did exactly that!

They liked my stories Red Butterfly and Harmony and published them as a single book on 26th October 2018, “Red butterfly and harmony”, awesome huh?

Two stories in one jacket-one about a very beautiful, perfect world, Harmony a world where your dreams may come true too, if you think outside the box! A journey into a beautiful planet where magical creatures still roam. A wanderer travelling in space finds love and home. The other story is a reminder of how wicked often hide behind mask of innocence. A story of two brave kids and a wicked witch.

They give this book for free to journalists who promise a review I think, you can ask them about that!

Books republished in Kindle in 2018

February 2018

The Lotus of Fire
A bouquet of wild flowers

April 2018
Moments from the Journey [Prices: KDP: $1.07 CS: $5.38]

Butterflies from life’s garden [Prices: KDP: $1.07 CS $5.38]

May 2018

Waves that became songs

Melodies from moonlit nights [Prices: CS $5.38; Kin $1.07]

June 2018

Black Mist And Other Stories [Prices: Prices: CS $5.5 Kin $1.07]
Tell Me A Story [Prices: CS $11, Kin $1.07]
When The Clouds Dance [Prices: CS $5.5, Kin $1.01]
Of Dreams And Reality [Prices: CS: $5.5 Kin: $1.01]

July 2018

Sfulingo [PRICE: $1.07]
Agnidal [PRICE: $1.07]

October 2018

Createspace has merged with Kindle.
I will start removing my paperbacks from my Kindle account, they cost too much! So within March 2019 they will be removed, only the ebooks will stay behind.

Myriad colours of earth [Kindle 1.07]
Wildflowers in bed of rocks [ Kindle $1.07]
The child of woods [Kindle $1.07]

spirits of darkness and light [Kindle $1.07]


the heart beats on
the bridge of her dreams

the prisoner of sand castle

crystal eyes

Shoptly Books till December 2018.


Trishakti (Three divine powers)


Agnikorak Book 1
Agnikorak Book 2
Agnikorak Book 3
Agnikorak Book 4
Agnikorak Book 5
Agnikorak Book 6
Agnikorak Book 7


Agnimalya Book 1
Agnimalya Book 2
Agnimalya Book 3
Agnimalya Book 4
Agnimalya Book 5
Agnimalya Book 6
agnimalya book 7 an adult love story
Agnimalya Book 8 The Tower
Agnimalya Book 9 The Soul Devourers


SBPnB Book 1
SBPnB Book 2
SBPnB Book 3
SBPnB Book 4
SBPnB Book 5


Agnijaat Magh, january
Agnijaat Falgun, February
Agnijaat Chaitra, March
Agnijaat Boisakh, April
agnijaat jyeshtha 1425, may 2018
Agnijaat Book 5
Agnijaat Book 6
Agnijaat Ashar 1425
Agnijaat Shraban 1425
sfulingo [Annual Digest 2018]
Agnijaat Bhadra 1425, August 2018
agnijaat Ashwin 1425, September 2018
Agnijaat Book 7 – Durgapuja 1425
Agnijaat Kartik 1425, October 2018
Agnijaat Agrahayan 1425, November 2018


Agnishatal Magh, January
Agnishatdal Falgun, February
Agnishatdal Chaitra, March
Agnishatdal Boisakh, April
agnishatdal jyeshtha 1425, may 2018
Agnishatdal Book 5
Agnishatdal BOOK 6
Agnishatdal Ashar 1425
Agnishatdal Shraban 1425
agnidal [Annual Digest 2018]
agnishatdal bhadra 1425, august 2018
agnishatdal ashwin 1425, september 2018
Agnishatdal Book 7- Durgapuja 1425
Agnishatdal Kartik, November 2018
Agnishatdal November 2018, Agrahayan 1425

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