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Durgapuja 2020 from Haridevpur

This year I went out for a change, hoping this will be my last year in this disgusting city I decided to go out and take a trip in the neighbourhood, check out the pandals for a change, so I went out on Saptami morning armed with my camera and a blessed day welcomed me.

I went to four pandals that were in walking distance, of course Ekchallis Palli club puja and my own neighbourhood puja don’t know the name of the other two. They were on each side of Adiganga.

I was lucky, blessed enough to see arati in two of the pandals, one being Ekchallis Palli, I recorded it but my blogs cant upload videos and I have deleted my YouTube account so they will be for my personal delight!

But I took tons of pix and some of them are put together for subscribers of Agnijashatadalama, here is the newsletter for you-

Click to access 11-agnijashatadalama-november-2020.pdf

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Photography Trip 2 shot 8

A wild flower by the road.

have a great day full of joy and laughter!
lots of Love.

Sharmishtha Basu

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The child of woods 2020 in kindle

The child of woods

Only the title story is repeated in the book the remaining are new stories. This time the stories are about ghosts, fantasy creatures and human beings. There are some spooky stories of ghosts, some blood-curdling stories of human beings and some gentler stories of fantasy creatures and vampires! One of the stories had a co-author [Treasure Hunt], we wrote it together like sort of playing a game together – David Stewart @ Hope you will enjoy the stories.

Child of Woods – Review (older version) Troy David Loy:

The child of woods:

A woman finds a mysteriously abandoned child in a forest hut and adopts him, later to discover his faerie heritage and true mother. As the title story from the original book, this is quite good, and I’m glad it was retained.

The haunting of Everest Lodge:
A ghost needs some time to herself, without all those pesky Living crowding out her home, and spoiling the decor. This one is forced to deal with the annoyance of ghost hunters and paranormal investigators who treat her as little more than an exhibition!

Lonely island:
A dead woman and her still living husband are separated by the veil of the hereafter, in a touching, two-sided story, that almost brung tears to my eyes.

Naughty little alien:
An alien child decides to have fun tormenting the primitives while his parents are out of the room, and gets caught. I liked this one, as it reminds me in good ways of Star Trek’s episode “The Squire of Gothos.”

New genesis:
Human children are gathered to repopulate the species after being rescued by aliens, and taken to another world. A good one, message-wise.

Nine specters:
Partygoers and thrill-seekers get caught up in an attempt to open a portal to another world by ghostly witches and wizards, an attempt foiled by the sacrificed grandchild of one of the specters. I like that the evil ones came to a bad end, but then one often get what they pay for, not always what they think they do.

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Photography Trip 2 shot 1

Photos from Kolkata on 4th March 2020

An egret waiting for a meal on the bank of river Adiganga [the actual stream of Ganges, not the current body]

have a great day full of joy and laughter!
lots of Love.

Sharmishtha Basu