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Welcome to Agnishatdal Brendan! Thank you!

Few words from Brendan, the new author of Agnishatdal:

I’m based in Ireland, and I believe that words can change the world and the way we see each other. I have been writing for over twenty years, I’m mid fifties in age, and I have a lot of books in progress. I am not married, and I believe in the words of the prophets, we are all equal in the eyes of God. I have had a short story published, I haven’t really attempted to get them published, and I devote my time to teaching wisdom, whenever I can.

I have had an assortment of works,, I don’t believe that we are defined by what work we do, but by how we treat our fellow human beings. I’m a very original thinker, and I believe the world is under-going profound change, and that the change, is being directed by the Holy Spirit of God. That’s me in a nutshell. I’m very practiced at praying, and i have encountered divine intervention many times, amen.

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