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Happy birthday Dom Collucci!

Happy birthday soulbro, may God fill up your life with love, happiness, health and wealth. May every good thing and better show up in your world to stay forever!

His blog ids in case you want to wish him personally [that will be so sweet of you!!]

Lots of love.

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Happy Birthday Dom Collucci (Soulbro)!

Agnishatdal: Tell us a little about yourself? Perhaps something not many people know!
Dom Colucci: My name is Dom Colucci and I am retired from the government. I had a shift in my awareness back in 2007 and became a poet and from that it made me a writer which in turn I became an author of 3 books. The Tree Becomes A Soul, The Love of My Life and Love Continues from Within.

Agnishatdal: What made you want to become a writer?
Dom Colucci: I became a writer from an awakened truth about myself. I started to hear a voice whisper to me in beautiful words so I started jotting them down.

Agnishatdal: Million-dollar question, are you working on another book?
Dom Colucci: I have a book in manuscript but really I am not doing anything with it.

Agnishatdal: Have you written any other books that are not published?
Dom Colucci: No I have not written another book (not published).

Agnishatdal: What do you think about the ebook revolution?
Dom Colucci: I guess that is the wave of the future. An editor told me one day we will all have books online.

Agnishatdal: Pen or typewriter or computer?
Dom Colucci: No I no longer write as I did. I went back full time working after retirement. I guess I like being around people in working though I go to mountains alone sometimes on weekends.

Agnishatdal: Little insight in your writing process?
Dom Colucci: I like to write about ZEN* and awakened consciousness. I wrote romance for a few years from 2010 to 2014.

I write alone.

Music is good and so is silence like both

I just hear something and begin to write naturally

I do outlines first, read it then produce

Agnishatdal: What gives you inspiration for your book(s)?
Dom Colucci: My books are about ZEN*, consciousness and romance as well as the Soul*~they are all poetry

Agnishatdal: Are your characters based on real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?
Dom Colucci: Well not really but they do point back at your Soul* in feeling something inside of yourself. The rhythm of each poem I would say.

Agnishatdal: What is the biggest surprise that you experienced after becoming a writer?
Dom Colucci: From the editors at, one that said about my last book~”It has the potential to pull the heartstrings of the reader” [the name of the book : Love Continues from within]

Agnishatdal: At the end, tell us as much as you can share about yourself!
Dom Colucci: My name is Dom Colucci.

I am a writer and a poet. I have written three books as I am an author as well.
I was inspired by a man named David Robert Ord who is the Director of Editors at Namaste Publishing in Vancouver, Canada. He has written to me when I sent my first manuscript, The Tree Becomes A Soul that obviously I have talent in what I am doing and urged me to self publish this book. It is about a journey with poems that I did during my meditation sessions.

My second book I shifted gears into romance and wrote another book called The Love of My Life. This book was read by the editors at Lulu Publishing and this is what they had to say, “In closing, I found your poems fanciful, sincere, and filled with wanderlust. Your line breaks are impeccable as is your timing. It’s a fine debut collection. Well done.” This book is about a romantic journey with the love of one’s Soul*. I was inspired by a painting my father did many years ago of two dancers under a moonlit night seeking the romantic passion of the moon up above.

My third book I remained in the romantic mood and it was a continuation of the second book. This books name is Love Continues from within and as well I did it in romantic journey format with many poems and love quotes comparable to a man I love to read from always, Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi. How he talks to the heart and Soul* of those that read into him. This book’s editor was a woman and this is what she had to say as well, “This book has the potential to pull at the heartstrings of the reader.”

I am inspired by the love of nature as I have climbed many mountains in the past 7 years and listen attentively which captivates me always from within as I know it comes from the Soul*.

A few words about his works from other readers: