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Shubho kojagari laxmipuja!

Wish you all a very blessed kojagari laxmipuja


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Durgapuja 2020 from Haridevpur

This year I went out for a change, hoping this will be my last year in this disgusting city I decided to go out and take a trip in the neighbourhood, check out the pandals for a change, so I went out on Saptami morning armed with my camera and a blessed day welcomed me.

I went to four pandals that were in walking distance, of course Ekchallis Palli club puja and my own neighbourhood puja don’t know the name of the other two. They were on each side of Adiganga.

I was lucky, blessed enough to see arati in two of the pandals, one being Ekchallis Palli, I recorded it but my blogs cant upload videos and I have deleted my YouTube account so they will be for my personal delight!

But I took tons of pix and some of them are put together for subscribers of Agnijashatadalama, here is the newsletter for you-

Click to access 11-agnijashatadalama-november-2020.pdf

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Shubho Bijayadashami!

Vijayadashami- the final day

In the morning the mangalghat is immersed in water, with that the Goddess leaves the clay idol, in the evening the idol is carried to nearby water body and immersed there. Five days of festivities are over and wait for another year begins!

Full details:

Wish you all a very blessed Durgapuja!