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Wednesday Table of Urania 25.7.18 Radcliffe, Emma, Pattinson and Redmayne

Harry Potter saga has gifted us with some awesome actors! Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson, Robert Pattinson and now Eddie Redmayne; OK I know Pattinson and Redmayne made their place outside the saga first (or so I think I know). So forget the wrong phrasing, read it as Harry Potter saga collected some gems for us.

Daniel Radcliff is one hell of an actor! He is one outstanding actor. I so hope and pray he will get a series of awesome movies and leave an indelible mark in movie world.

Robert Pattinson has already made his mark in Twillight Saga, even though I am not a big fan of that saga anymore it is too bizarre but still he shone through it! I have liked him more in Harry Potter even though his role was very small he conquered the audience hearts.

Emma Watson is fantastic in Harry Potter, she wins hearts whenever she shows up in black gown! Outside it I have seen her in two movies, one was in a really annoying script the other was awesome- she just became “belle” in beauty and the beast! She has every potential to shine and hope she will!

Eddie Redmayne in one word is awesome! I have rarely come across someone who is so adorable! Two minutes watching him on screen and your heart will fill of with warmth and affection. He is already an acclaimed actor and I so hope and wish he will glow like a sun!

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