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facebook profiles permanently deleted.

I will humbly admit that I did not liked facebook from the very beginning. Nothing about it felt right to me. The reasons I disliked it from the very beginning was-

1. After a few likes and comments it did not allowed any more comments and likes. What kind of social site is that?

2. I used it simultaneously on both computer and phone in the beginning, but it was almost never in sync with the phone, sometimes it missed things altogether. So I stopped using the phone.

3. It is of those who simply post their own things and don’t have any quality time for others, that is a bit against my type of circle.

4. It is extremely creator unfriendly. It allows you to open pages but does not allows you to schedule in advance, I dont care if they have fixed the bug but I stopped trying after FIVE months of trying.

Then it went overboard since a few months, one month- alright, two month- one can bear but after that one starts to think about deleting account and finally that day came when the squirrel rebelled and kicked out the nut out of its nest.


Every time I signed in [using my own password] it asked me to get a code from my email id, that was not enough for the JERK it asked me to identify my friends, DOES THIS JERK KNOWS THAT PEOPLE KEEP CHANGING THEIR PROFILE PIX? SOMETIMES IT IS THEIR GRANDKID, SOMETIMES IT IS AN ICON?

Apart from that I am bad with remembering faces, I dont really pay attention to faces much. So instead of these idiotic things the JERK should have had some sensible identification measures like the CODE It was sending. If someone knows my email account’s password and my facebook password LET HIM KEEP MY ACCOUNT JACKASS!

The most hilarious part was when last time I signed into the account deactivated by facebook it allowed me to sign in with one password and then when it came to changing my password it accepted another password! can you believe it? I should have deleted the account then and there and the other one too!

Every time I signed in it filled me up with pure annoyance so I am really happy to get rid of it. I have deleted everything in facebook and wont return their believe me! So if you see any activity in my facebook pages or profiles since 15/8/20 PLEASE REPORT IT!

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A very serious note please read it in case you are my serious reader!

I really did not liked what happened today (30.10.17) morning, I am not a seer or prophet, so I wont be telling you that I see … I see grave danger…. but in case it happens and my blog(s) gets stolen I hope you will feel the impostor and contact me!

You know where to find me! At present I am trying to stick with Patreon with my fresh bunch of creativity

then you know my emails and the facebook pages. There is no reason that they all will be compromised together. Honestly speaking after wasting ONE FULL HOUR TRYING TO RECOVER MY OWN BLOG’S PASSWORD I am gnashing my teeth, my blood pressure is rocketing upwards and I am not at all feeling relieved!

So, if you ever feel that my blog(s) have been compromised check me out in Facebook or patreon to confirm.


What happened today (30.10.17) morning is here: