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Wednesday Table of Urania 6.6.18 Jackie Chan

I have liked Jackie Chan from the very beginning. I had a brief stint with karate, back in 1992 I think, don’t remember the year anymore, it was only one year stint. Our teacher asked us to watch martial art movies, they are still not very palatable to my palate, majority of them are violence based, barring few- and Jackie Chan was one of those artists who displayed his art without blood and gore. I quite instantly became a great admirer of his superhuman skills.

With time that respect only increased. First when I discovered that he does those stunts without any stuntman to replace him during dangerous scenes and faces the whistle again and again!

Then when I very recently watched a serial in which he was having a conversation with awesome “Simi Garewal”, boy, the childhood he lived! It was hell on earth! If you can watch it, it is available in youtube “Rendezvous with Simi Garewal” then add Jackie Chan. Some things can’t be explained in words.

The interview also captured his innocent and humble heart! It is worth a watch if you admire Jackie Chan.

Do you love this amazing artist?

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Wednesday Table of Urania 18.4.18 “funny bones”

These are my favorite comedians not action stars! Very few actors can make me laugh- these four are amongst them! The fifth one is Sir Alfred Hitchcock, I watched a TV series hosted by him, and honestly the way he made me laugh Charlie Chaplin can’t make me laugh like that!

Rock, aka Dwayne Douglas Johnson was born on 2nd May 1972 in Hayward, California. He was a professional wrestler before he became actor. He is regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time! Wow!

Even though he plays action roles mostly l love his light movies, movies in which he plays comic roles to be precise. He is funny without being vulgar. Just the type of comedy I like are abundant in his light movies. So I have seen some of his action movies but I watch his movies tooth fairy and journey to the mysterious island again and again! Will love to see him in lighter roles like them more frequently

Same thing applies about Vin Diesel aka Mark Sinclair, born July 18, 1967. Most of the movies that Vin Diesel does are action movies, period! But I loved him more in pacifier, in which he had to tackle three kids! He too possesses the same power that Rock has- if they want to make you laugh they will make you laugh without cracking vulgar jokes or making weird faces!

Even though they are extremely violent but I loved him in Pitch Black and the Riddick movies in which he faces the army of darkness (or whatsoever) and the one after that, in which he is left behind in a deadly planet.

He is one of the very best looking actors of Hollywood too I think! Don’t you?

Jackie Chan is most probably the first action hero I have loved, I have watched his movies since 1993-94 I think, some of his movies came to Burdwan, like police story, and I have watched them in hall and have loved this amazing actor, who instead of showing blood and gore in name of action shows some real skill beautifully wrapped in fun!

Jackie Chan’s birthday is on 7th April (1954). In case you want to wish him! I have seen his movies by the dozens, they rarely fail to entertain! I don’t remember any movie by him that has bored me.

Hugh Grant, born 9th September 1960 is the next one. He has acted in some serious movies too, I don’t remember their names, but he has acted really well in them. I mostly remember him for his bumbling charm, his clumsiness makes you laugh from heart! It is endearing and enjoyable.

There are quite a nice number of his movies I love to watch again and again and have a hearty laugh, movies like notting hill, four weddings and a funeral. It was joy to see him a new movie after quite a break, hope his roles will be bigger in the sequels of “men from UNCLE”.