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Wednesday Table of Urania 8.8.18 Lily Collins

She I think is another good actress in making like Emma Watson. I have seen Lily Collins in quite versatile roles and have loved her in all of them. On one hand she plays the eccentric teenager with super-powers in “City of Bones” {I really wanted to see at least two or three more parts of this movie] and on the other hand she played an amazing Snow White in “Mirror Mirror”. It takes a LOT for a young actress to act along Julia Roberts and catch attention.

As for me, even though I absolutely adore Jules I will say that Lily Collins stole “mirror mirror” she is one awesome actress and she so beautifully fitted into the role of the golden hearted princess!

My prayers will always be with this brilliant actress, praying that she will get awesome roles like Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren!

Have you watched any of her movies? Like her?